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Tous les coussinets a commencé à fabriquer des bagues et des coussinets en 1926, sous la marque « tous les coussinets » (TLC). Sa production a trouvé place pour toutes sortes d’applications dans les industries utilisatrices d’organes de frottement bi- ou tri-métalliques. La gamme de ces pièces ne cesse de s’étendre. Pour en assurer la production TLC dispose d’un parc machine important et moderne et des moyens de fonderie.
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Our company

Tous Les Coussinets is located west of Paris for almost 100 years. We manufacture a range of bushings and bushings varied from an internal diameter of 25 mm up to more than 1600 mm and a weight of up to 4.5 tons. We master all the processing operations on the Les Mureaux site.

With almost 5,000 m² of workshop, Tous Les Coussinets have the capacity to manufacture all kinds of bearings ranging from the Tin base anti-friction ring to the Cupro-Plomb turbocharger bearing. Our dimensional capacities are up to 1600 mm in diameter for a weight of 4.5 tons. Our products are manufactured according to the specifications of our customers with an integrated nuclear quality monitoring. We have a COFREND 2 for non-destructive ultrasonic testing and penetrant testing.

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